"When myth incarnates in the waking world...”

Mythorealistic Articles

Beatrice by William Blake

Form Is The Illusion: A Magical Philosophy: Form is the Illusion is a book about Relationship Theory, an unusual system of metaphysics developed by the late David Douglas Thompson. Relationship Theory addresses questions of ontology and epistemology in a way that is likely to be of interest to pagans and occultists. This page links to various chapters from the book, which was written by C. S. Thompson.

The Magic of Art: The universe of myth and magic cannot be reduced to something that happens in a particular time and place. It is not defined or limited by the human psyche. It cannot be reduced to archetypes...or to any anthropological theory. It's not that there is some other place or other universe where the magic is literally real in the prosaic sense, a universe that impinges sometimes on our own. That would be a "somewhere." Nor is there no such place, for that would be a "nowhere." According to author, CS Thompson, it is in this paradox that the magic is found.

The World as Myth: "The World is Myth. We create it ouselves and we change it ourselves." According to author, Jason Thompson, the philosophical implications of this imply that Reality encompasses all the worlds that are, were, and ever would or could be. All that can be imagined (and all that can't) is true on SOME timeline.