"When myth incarnates in the waking world...”

The Great Red Dragon by William Blake

Relationship Theory: Metaphysical Principles of Mythorealism

1- Perception occurs through the meeting of unlike things. In other words, there is no perception without contrast.

2- The perception of contrast occurs through an interaction, a relationship between the parties involved.

3- Therefore a thing cannot be known in and of itself, but only as part of a particular relationship.

4- Reality is what we experience or perceive. When we say that something is there, we mean that we are in some sort of relationship to it.

5- There are things we directly experience- things with which we are in a direct relationship- and things we experience only secondhand, with which we are in an indirect relationship. One can give only provisional assent to the reality of any indirect relationship.

6- A thing is judged to be real to the extent to which it is directly and fully experienced. Mere opinion, in other words, does not define reality- any description of reality must account for the available facts, for everything which is experienced.

7- Because nothing can be known in and of itself, there is no way to distinguish between opposing descriptions of a system when they do account equally well for the available facts.

8- All equally functional descriptions of a system are considered equally valid.

9- To shift fluidly between points of view is called Ringing the Changes. This refers to deliberately shifting between multiple viewpoints, considering none of them absolute, but participating in them all.

10- This allows one to benefit from multiple truths, and to more accurately approximate the world as a whole.