"When myth incarnates in the waking world...”

The Six Axioms

This article first appeared on Noctiviganti: The Blog of Author Christopher Scott Thompson and appears here with the author's permission.

by CS Thompson

The Ten Laws were accompanied by six axioms, which re-state the same ideas in a different form:

1- Perception requires contrast.

2- Contrast occurs through interaction.

3- Interaction necessitates change.

4- Change is bound by balance.

5- All paths are eventually cyclical.

6- Equivalent explanations must be considered simultaneously and equally valid or equivalent.

In Relationship Theory, explanations or models are considered equivalent if they make the same predictions. For example, science predicts that the sun will set in the evening and rise at dawn because of a particular set of physical facts about the universe. Greek mythology predicts the same thing, but uses the story of Helios driving his sun-chariot across the heavens.

Any number of other mythologies have their own sun-deities, but they all predict that the sun will set in the evening and rise in the morning. As all of these worldviews make the same predictions, Relationship Theory treats them all as being simultaneously true and equivalent.

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